Agricultural Equipment, Feed Processing Equipment, Poultry and Livestock Feeding System Supplier in China

We is a Chinese high-tech manufacturer of superior quality and economically priced agricultural equipment, animal husbandry equipment. We design, manufacture, modify, and install equipment for our clients' specific needs and also provide excellent after-sales service. We offer a wide range of products that include our agriculture equipment and parts, feed processing equipment, food processing equipment, and poultry and livestock feeding systems. Specific products include disc blade, harvesting machine, harvester replacement parts, disc harrow, pellet mill, feeding and drinking systems for poultry and pig, ventilation system, and more. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand our clients' needs better, and we work hard to meet their expectations by providing exceptional quality products at reasonable prices.

    1. Disc Blade
    2. Disc BladeOur disc blade is available in various diameters from 254mm to 960mm and thickness from 3-12mm with difference in concavity. The main two types of blades are plain disc and notched disc. And the shapes of center hole include round, square, hex, octagonal, round with key slot, round and square combined.
      Depending on advanced producing line of forging, casting, grinding and heat treatment ...
    1. Harvesting Machine
    2. Harvesting MachineThis harvesting machine has multiple functions, including digging out fruits, pulling up seedlings, clamping convey, shaking off soil, picking up fruits, vibration sieving, separating by roller and chain, cleaning by fan and collecting fruits. It features high efficiency, compact structure, flexible transfer, and can be easily adapted to soils with different moisture conditions. Since the labor cost keeps increasing ...
    1. Ploughing Machine
    2. Ploughing MachineThe ploughing machine, also known as plough or plow, is a tool used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. It can be divided into moldboard plow, chisel plow and disc plow. The primary purpose of ploughing is to turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds and the remains of previous crops, allowing them to break down.
    1. Disc Harrow
    2. Disc HarrowA disc harrow is a farm implement that is used to cultivate the soil where crops are to be planted. It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. The disc harrow consists of many iron or steel discs which have slight concavity and are arranged into two or four sections. When viewed from above, the four sections would appear to form an "X" which has been flattened to be wider than it is tall.
    1. Ring Die Pellet Mill
    2. Ring Die Pellet MillThe ring die pellet mill is driven by a single motor to realize feeding, adjusting and palletizing process. The frequency-control feeder allows for accurate feeding, while the conditioner is flexible to meet different milling requirements. It is also equipped with over-loading protection and molasses feeder. This Pellet Mill is suitable for producing pellet for feeds, fertilizers, hops, etc.
    1. Rotary Steam Tube Dryer
    2. Rotary Steam Tube DryerThe contact-type rotary steam tube dryer adopts the indirect heating method. It is widely used for drying powder, particle and non-sticky slice materials in chemical industry, light industry, food and feed industries, etc. For example, distillers' grains of alcohol or beer in light industry; pig hair, bone powder, pig blood fermented powder in food industry ...
    1. Belt Laying Battery
    2. Belt Laying BatteryThe belt laying battery is equipped with a computer monitoring system
      It is hot galvanized, which ensures anti-corrosion and long durability.
      This belt laying battery can save both space and cost, and also has features of high cost performance, high stock density, easy maintenance and operation, etc.
    1. Auto Broiler Pan Feeding System
    2. Auto Broiler Pan Feeding SystemThe auto broiler pan feeding system is mainly composed of silo, drive motor, delivery system, feed sensor, hopper, feed pan, hanging system, feed transportation vehicle, etc.
    1. Pig Auto Feeding System
    2. Pig Auto Feeding SystemPig Farming Equipments includes Penning & crating system; Feeding system; Watering system; Flooring system; Climate control system; Ventilation system and Other accessories.
      The pig farm can be divided into Gestation unit; farrowing unit; nursery unit; finishing unit; which equipped with feedstuff line, waste line, ventilation and cooling facilities.

The majority of weproducts are 3C, CE, and CSA certified, and we are ISO9001 and FAMI-QS certified. The high quality of our products is a direct result of our complete quality control management system. We begin to ensure our product quality, even before production starts, by beginning with inspections of all incoming raw materials. The materials from our suppliers go through a strict incoming inspection process according to the AQL sampling plan. We also utilize a 3D measurer, steel tension tester, and steel ingredient tester, which help to guarantee the superior quality of incoming materials. This, in turn, also ensures the quality of our agriculture equipment and parts, feed processing equipment, food processing equipment, our poultry and livestock feeding system. Any materials that do not pass inspection are returned to the supplier, and we conduct a supplier audit every year. Suppliers who fail to provide quality materials are no longer used.

Our superior quality control system continues into our manufacturing process. In order to ensure the high quality of our products, we have an experienced and knowledgeable QA and QC staff. Also, our employees are trained twice a year in order to improve technical processes and quality control. Furthermore, a SOP sheet is placed near each workstation so that each staff member is reminded about production procedures and our high quality goals. At wewe work to enhance our quality control system systematically so that we can provide high quality agriculture equipment, food processing equipment, poultry and livestock feeding systems, and other products for our valued customers. In addition, advanced production and inspection equipment is utilized during production, including our tooling machining equipment, plastic injection equipment, CNC lathe, auto-run assembly line, welding robot, calipers, and other sophisticated equipment. We also work in collaboration with prestigious universities and research institutions to improve the technology we use in the production of our fine products.

Final inspection of our products is also an essential part of our quality control here at we. All our agriculture equipment, feed processing equipment, poultry and livestock feeding systems, and other products are inspected before leaving the production line. We also have a final inspection room where, according to a strict AQL sampling plan, each model is inspected using its own checklist. Moreover, each machine has its own serial number, so it can be tracked, and a final inspection report is composed and signed by a member of our quality control staff. All of these steps help to ensure that only the finest quality products reach our customers.

Here at we, our excellent reputation is built on our high quality products and attentive customer service. We not only supply excellent quality agricultural equipment, be we also design, install, commission, and train our clients on the use of our products. Moreover, we also offer after-sale services, trouble shooting, and supply spare parts when needed. Our professional staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you. Your peace of mind is our promise.

Located in Qingdao, one of the major ports in China, We exports our agriculture equipment, feed processing equipment, food-processing equipment, and other related products to more than fifty countries across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Clients across the globe trust our products. That is why, in 2010, our sales exceeded $40 million.