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A harvesting machine is a machine that harvests grain crops or yams. We provide single and double row harvesters with scattering or bunched dumping functions.

1. Peanut combined harvester
Currently, the most popular and traditional mechanized methods of harvesting peanut can be divided into two stages. The first stage is to dig out fruited peanut plant by trailed harvesters powered by tractors, shake off the soil on those peanuts, and pile them up in the sunshine for airing. The second stage is to pick off the fruits by special equipment. Obviously, the efficiency is quite low.

Our peanut combined harvester is innovative with special patents. This harvesting machine has multiple functions, including digging out fruits, pulling up seedlings, clamping convey, shaking off soil, picking up fruits, vibration sieving, separating by roller and chain, cleaning by fan and collecting fruits. It features high efficiency, compact structure, flexible transfer, and can be easily adapted to soils with different moisture conditions. Since the labor cost keeps increasing, it should be your first choice.

Parameters of wheeled peanut combined harvester

Wheeled peanut combined harvester
Product model 4HB-2A
Power 22KW/30HP
Digging depth 100-200mm
Harvest width 600mm
Productivity 0.1-0.15 ra /h.
Dimensions 43000×1800×2250 ( mm)
Weight 1 8 00kg
Loss rate ≤3%
Dirt percentage ≤5%
Breakage rate ≤1%
Integrity rate of straws ≥98%
Max. speed on flat road 20Km/h
No. of gears 7 (1 in reverse and 6 forward)

Parameters of crawler-type peanut combined harvester

Crawler-type peanut combined harvester Crawler-type peanut combined harvester
Product Model 4HBL-2
Power 29.4Kw/40HP
Weight 2700kg
Dimensions 4500×2000×2800
Type Self-propelled crawler
Harvest width 800mm
Digging depth 150-180mm
Harvesting rows 2 ridges
Productivity 0.12 - 0.2 ra / h.
Integrity rate of straws 99%
Breakage rate 0.7%
Max. speed on flat road 15Km/h
No. of gears 7 (1 in reverse and 6 forward)

Requirements of seeding and planting: In order to increase the harvesting efficiency, the ridgers should be used to ridge in the fields when preparing land.
Height of the ridge: 10 ±2 cm
Width of the furrow: 25± 5 cm
Width of the ridge: 55± 5 cm
Distance between furrows: 80±5 cm
Two lines on each ridge, and the distance between the two lines should be shorter than 28cm. The shorter the distance is, the more beneficial to the harvest.

Harvesting MachineRequirements to the soil: When the soil moisture is around 10%, it is good for harvesting, and the soil should be loose, with no tufty and creeping weeds. The plant should grow upwards normally. If it flattened, the harvesting would be influenced.

4U Series Harvester of Yams 4U Series Harvester of Yams2. 4U Series Harvester of Yams
This series of harvesting machine is mainly driven by tractors with 22-80hp, which is suitable for potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, and other root crops. The principle is excavating the crops with soil and separating by the vibration screen.
It features simple structure, high efficiency, low breakage, fast running without trembling, and no blocking by the grasses.

Specifications of 4U Series Harvester of Yams

Model 4U--1 4U-1A 4U-1B 4UZ-1 4U-2 4U-2B 4U--3
No. of Rows Single Single Single Single Double Double Double
Function Scattering Matched hand tractor Bunched Dumping Scattering Scattering Bunched Dumping Double self-loading
Space of rows (mm) 550--800 500-65 550--800 550--800 550--800 550--800 550--800
Productivity (mu/h) 3--5 5--8 8--15
Total weight (kg) 195 100 210 160 600 700 1200
Matched power(HP) 22--35 8-15 22--35 22--35 50--80 50--80 70--120
Working depth (mm) 250 200 250 250 250 250 250
working width(mm) 650 560 650 650 1650 1650 1650
Appearing rate ( %)   ≥96
Break skin rate ( %)   ≤2
PTO speed
560/1250 1000 560/1250 560/1250 560 560 560
Overall dim (mm) 2400*900*900 900*700*700 2400*900*900 1200*1000*750 2800*2200*1000 2800*2200*1000 3300*3900*3100

As a specialized harvesting machine supplier in China, We also provides ploughing machine, disc harrow, straw pellet mill, disc blade, auto pan disc chain feeding system for breeder, and many others.

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