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The seeding machine is suitable for drilling peanut, wheat (rice), corn, millet, sorghum, sesame, etc. It can fertilize while drilling, and perform drilling, fertilizing, covering, and rolling during one operation.

1. Multi-purpose: The seeding machine can effectively finish a series of work at a time, such as tillage, pulverization, stubble-cleaning and ditching, seeding, mulching, and squashing.
2. Easy operation: You may adjust row spacing by changing different driven gears. You can also take out the whole disc cover when clearing the seeds. The drilling weight, fertilizing weight, drilling depth can be adjusted to meet different operation requirements. The feed outlet is driven by gears, and there is an anti-reverse mechanism installed inside the driving gear to avoid troubles arising from reverse turning of the machine. This seeding machine can carry out high-speed work, save labor costs and improve the working efficiency.
3. Wide range of usage: The seeding machine is used to seed wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, bean, sesame, peanut, cotton and so on with even spacing. Its power transmitting device consists of rubber wheel, chain and sprocket.
4. Our seeding machine features safe and durable design, as well as long service life.


1. Multi-functional Peanut Seeder
2BMHF - 4 multi-functional peanut (corn and cotton) film-covering seeder can accomplish a whole working process, which contains scraping soil, ditching, seeding, earthing, compacting and squeezing, filming, etc. The ski-shaped or shovel-shaped coulter could be adopted in order to adapt to various soil conditions. Hair seeds or light seeds can be sown in line by replacing different planter plates. The frame-type structure will improve the stability of this machine. The coaxial configuration applied on land wheels guarantees the transmission performance. Screw rod is used to adjust the depth of seeding, and this function is very reliable. The structure of this seeding machine is very compact, and the adjustment and maintenance of which are so easy. Moreover, we can add the fertilization device into this seeding machine according to the requirements of customers.

Multi-functional Peanut Seeder


Dimension 1950×2000×950(mm)
matched power 36.8-58.8(kw)
Adaptive film wide 800-950(mm)
working depth 30-50(mm)
working row 4
working row distance 230-280(mm)
hole spacing 130-260(mm)
seed form Spit, filling palace in metering device
Operation efficiency 8-12 (mu/hour)
Operation speed Low 2-4 files homework
connection three point mounted

2. Wheat (rice) Seeder

Wheat (rice) Seeder
Model 2BFX-12 2BFX-24
Ridging distance (mm) 120-160
Matched power (KW) 25-40 80-120
Depth of fertilizer(mm) 30-70
Sowing depth(mm) 30-60
Linkage three point suspension
Fitted speed (km/h) 5-7
Fitted crop wheat , dry field rice
Operation weight (kg) 400KG 800KG

3. Corn no-till Fertilizing and Seeder Machine

Corn no-till Fertilizing and Seeder Machine
Model 2BYF-2 2BYF-3 2BYF-4 2BYF-5 2BYF-6
Operating weight(kg) 110 145 190 240 360
Matched power(hp) 12 12-18 15-18 20-25 30-80
Space between rows(mm) 950 500-640 540 500-700
No of Rows 2 3 4 5 6
Fertilization depth (mm) 60-80
Seeding depth(mm) 30-50
Working efficiency(mu/hr) 2.5-3.0 3.0-5.0 5.0-6.0 6.0-8.0 8.0-10.0
Fertilization rate(kg/mu) 75
Corn seeds rate(kg/mu) 1.50-2.35

We is a professional seeding machine supplier in China. In addition to agricultural equipment, we offer feed processing equipment, poultry and livestock feeding system, food processing equipment, feed additives, and amino acid.

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