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The ploughing machine, also known as plough or plow, is a tool used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. It can be divided into moldboard plow, chisel plow and disc plow. The primary purpose of ploughing is to turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds and the remains of previous crops, allowing them to break down. The ploughing machine also aerates the soil, and allows it to hold moisture better. In modern use, a ploughed field is typically left to dry out, and is then harrowed before planting.

Categories of Ploughing Machine

1. Hydraulic Swivel Plough

Hydraulic Swivel PloughFeatures
1. Durable and long term use: The plowshare is made of special wear-resistant steel.
2. Wide range of usage: The compact-structured plough is easy for soil breaking, soil raising and soil turning in the plain or sloped farm.
3. Good performance: After working, the land surface is flat. The soil clods are well crushed and turned over. The furrows are small and without crests.


Working width per plough (mm) Working depth (mm) Mode of turn over
2 furrow 3furrow 4 furrow 5 furrow 6 furrow
300 180-250 mechanical Model /width(mm) 1LJF230

Matched power(HP) 30-50 24-30

250 160-240 Hydraulic Model /width(mm)

1LYF425/100 1LYF525/125 1LYF625/150
Matched power(HP)

40-50 60-70 80-90
270 160-250 Hydraulic Model /width(mm)

1LYF427/108 1LYF527/135
Matched power(HP)

55-65 80-90
350 160-280 Hydraulic Model /width(mm)
1LYF335/105 1LYF435/140 1LYF535/175
Matched power(HP)
65-90 75-90 100-120

2. Furrow Plough

Furrow Plough Furrow Plough Furrow Plough Furrow Plough

1. Easy operation: The furrow plough is simple in structure and light in weight.
2. Good performance. After working, the land surface is plain and the furrow is narrow. The soils are well crushed. The organic compounds on the surface layer of the soil are covered deeply under the earth, and then decomposed to fertilize the soil.
3. This ploughing machine is suitable for sandy loam, loam, clay soil on the cultivated farm with the soil resistance less than 1.20kgs/cm² and paddy field without water.
4. The welded frame support ensures stable performance and long service life.


Model 1L-430 1L-435 1L-535 1L-220 1L-320 1L-420 1L-325 1L-425 1L-525
Matched power(hp) 55-70 70-100 80-120 12-15 25-30 30 35 50 65
Operation Weight(kg) 360 370 470 80 115 145 228 330 435
No. of Plough 4 4 5 2 3 4 3 4 5
Working width(m) 1.2 1.4 1.75 0.4 0.6 0.8 0.75 1.0 1.25
Working depth(mm) 160-280 200-250
Linkage Three point suspension
Model 1L-427 1L-527 1L-627 1L-727
matched power(HP) 40-60 60-70 70-80 75-80
Productivity (mu /h) 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-14
Operation weight (kg) 230 320 390 480
No. of plow 4 5 6 7
working width(mm) 1080 1350 1620 1890
Working depth(mm) 160-250
linkage three-point mounted
Model 1LS-125
working width(mm) 250
working depth(mm) 180-250
matched power(HP) 12 ( hand)
total weight(kg) 60

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