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The farm ridger is used for making ridges for planting tobacco, potato and other vegetables. It can be fully adjusted to obtain the correct ridge profile and retain soil flow. The farm ridger can also be used for earthing up the crops sown in rows.

1. The farm ridger has good adaptability, and allows for easy and convenient adjustment in ridging spacing, ridging height, ridging rows and angle.
2. It can be matched with tractors in different power.
3. This farm ridger features easy movement, small size, and precision manufacturing.
4. It can break stubble and ridge with one-stop operation.

Specifications of Farm Ridger

1. 3QL Series Ridger

3QL Series Ridger
Model 3QL-3 3QL-4 3QL-5
Working width (mm) 2500 3200 3900
Ridging space (mm) 700-900 700-900 700-900
Ridging height (mm) 200-250 200-250 200-250
Matched power (Hp) 40 60 80

2. 1ZX Series Adjustable Ridger

1ZX Series Adjustable Ridger
Model 1ZXQ-2 1ZX-2
Overall dimensions (mm) 2000*1170*700 2700*1170*710
No. of Ridger 2 2
Ridger height (mm) ≥300
No. of Disc 4
Dia. of Disc (mm) 560 660
Linkage Type 1, three-point mounted
Matched power(HP) 35-40 75-80
Productivity (ha/h) 0.7-1.0 0.7-1.0

3. 3Z Series Adjustable Ridger

3Z Series Adjustable Ridger
Model 3Z-80 3Z-120 3Z-180 3Z-260
Overall Dimension (mm) 1200*1000*1000 1200*1500*1000 1200*2050*1300 1200*270*1300
Working width (mm) 800 1200 1800 2600
Width of Ridge (mm) 200-450 200-450 200-450 300-500
Height of Ridge (mm) 150-240 150-240 150-300 150-300
Weight (kg) 150 160 200 280
Matched Power (hp) 15-20 25-30 55-70 60-90

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