Ring Die Pellet Mill

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Ring Die Pellet Mill

The ring die pellet mill is driven by a single motor to realize feeding, adjusting and palletizing process. The frequency-control feeder allows for accurate feeding, while the conditioner is flexible to meet different milling requirements. It is also equipped with over-loading protection and molasses feeder. This Pellet Mill is suitable for producing pellet for feeds, fertilizers, hops, etc.

Parameters of Ring Die Pellet Mill

Model Feeder Power (kw) Adjusting power (kw) Main Power (kw) Output (t/h)
SZLH250 0.55 1.5 22 1~2
SZLH320 0.75 2.2 37 2~4
SZLH350 1.1 2.2 55 3~6
SZLH400 1.5 5.5 75/90 3~12
SZLH420 1.5 5.5 90/110 5~15
SZLH508 1.5 7.5 110/160 6~20

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