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Degerming Mill

The DTMT degerming mill is a kind of crushing equipment applying in starch production through wet process and is mainly used for the fine crushing of the soaked maize kernel and maize germ, thus rationally separating germs from rind and endosperm and increasing recovery rate of germs.

This degerming mill can also be used in coarse crushing of wet materials such as soybean after immersion in bean products factory and takes the lead among same types of products in China.

The degerming mills features adjustable millstone (ductile iron, alloy) distance, scientific structure, reliable sealing, stable performance, low energy consumption, convenient operating maintenance, and certain self-protection function.

Specifications of Degerming Mill

Model Dia. of Moving Disc(mm) Moving Disc Rotational Speed(rpm) Output(computed by commercial maize t/h) Adaptive Motor Power(KW) Size(L*W*H mm) Weight(KG)
      Primary crushing Secondary crushing      
DTMT600 600 970 2 ~ 4 3 ~ 6 18.5 1810×740×720 800
DTMT800 800 980 4 ~ 8 6 ~ 12 45 1900×1100×1500 2100
DTMT920 920 845 8 ~ 12 10 ~ 16 75 2300×1240×1735 3700
DTMT1200 1200 782 16 ~ 20 20 ~ 25 75 2410×1480×1890 3850

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