Round Fertilizer Polishing Pelletizer

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Round Fertilizer Polishing Pelletizer

Based on the combined advantages of pelletizers both at home and abroad, our newly-developed round fertilizer polishing pelletizer has features of reasonable design, simple structure, effective sterilization, and smooth discharging. The bio-fertilizer produced by the common pelletizer is hard to sterilize under high temperature, discharge, and dry. However, our round fertilizer polishing pelletizer can effectively solve these problems, and produce the organic fertilizer that contents less water and can be easily dried, thus ending the history that the organic fertilizer is difficult to be palletized, let alone to be palletized into round type because of the light weight and loose shape. As the fist machine that serves several purposes, this pelletizer can also be used to pelletize feeds.

1. The round fertilizer polishing pelletizer is applicable to pelletize the bio-organic fertilizer that uses peat, lignite, manure sludge, straw as the raw material.
2. It is suitable for pelletizing the organic compound fertilizer that uses chicken manure and other organic fertilizers as the main raw material.
3. It is suitable for palletizing the cake fertilizer that uses soybean cake as the main raw material.
4. This pelletizer can be used to granulating the complete and mixed feed that use corn, bean, grass meal, etc. as the raw material.
5. The round fertilizer polishing pelletizer can also granulate the bio-feed that uses straw as the main raw material.


Model Dia (mm) Shaping ratio (%) Capactiy (kg) Power (kw)
KZ1200 3.5~4.5 ≥ 85 1.1~1.8 22

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