Belt Laying Battery

Belt Laying Battery

Components: Cages, front frame, end frame, auto-feeding system, automated egg gathering system, automated manure removing system, nipple drinking system

1. The belt laying battery is equipped with a computer monitoring system
2. It is hot galvanized, which ensures anti-corrosion and long durability.
3. This belt laying battery can save both space and cost, and also has features of high cost performance, high stock density, easy maintenance and operation, etc.

Technical Data of Belt Laying Battery

Cage Length(mm) 2283
Cage Width(mm) 1200
Cage Height(mm) 570
No. of Coops / tier 10
Dim of per Coop (mm) (Length x Width) 450x600
Cage Surface ( m²) 2.70
Grid Slat
Grid Size (mm) 19.5×19.5
Dia. of Iron Wire (mm) 2.7
Quantity per Cage 60
Density 450

We is belt laying battery supplier based in China. Our products include auto pan disc chain feeding system for breeder, straw pellet mill, disc blade, harvesting machine, ploughing machine, and much more.

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