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    1. Non-Adjustable Farrowing CrateThe non-adjustable farrowing crate is designed for bio-security, and is equipped with the PVC panel and incubator.
      The fixed or adjustable separation bar provides more growth space for the piglet.
      Due to the anti pressing bar, the lying rate of the sow is slowed down, thus protecting the piglet.
    1. Adjustable Farrowing CrateThe adjustable farrowing crate is designed with the front and back door. The double open door design allows for easy operation and feed management.
      As the length and width is adjustable, it is suitable for different sizes of sow as it grows.
      The adjustable bar in the lower part of the sow pen brings comfort when the sow lies down.
    1. Nursery CrateThe double open door makes the nursery crate easy for driving pigs out.
      It is wholly hot galvanized, and the galvanized layer is more than 80 um.
      The sturdy and solid round steel bar is used for separating the nursery crate.
      Every joint of our nursery crate is anti-rusting.
    1. Gestation UnitThe bars with reasonable distance can prevent the pig from injuring.
      The reinforced joint makes the pen more stable.
      The stainless steel feed tray is easy to wash.
      Our gestation unit is equipped with the doser, which ensures accurate feeding quantity.
    1. Pig Finishing UnitThe pig finishing unit is wholly hot galvanized, and the galvanized layer is more than 80 um.
      The sturdy and solid round steel bar can be used for separating the crate.
      Every joint of our pig finishing unit is anti-rusting.
    1. Piglet Transfer TrolleyThe piglet transfer trolley is used to transfer the postweaning piglet to the nursery unit.
      The trolley body is hot galvanized.
      It features sturdiness and high maneuverability.
      With no sharp edges, the piglet transfer trolley can avoid injury to the piglet.
    1. Pig SlatThe pig slat features long service life, high strength and high tenacity.
      It is easy to install, and well joined.
      This pig slat is easy to clean.
      There are two different materials PP and cast iron for your option.
    1. Piglet IncubatorThe piglet incubator has an overall dimension of 500mm×1000 mm. It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which ensures high quality. The piglet incubator also has observation window, as well as inlet and outlet, which guarantees convenient operation.
    1. Piglet Heating BoardThe piglet heating board has an overall dimension of 500mm×800 mm, and is made of PVC material.
      The duplex line features antiskid function and thermal insulation.
      It is easy to clean.
      This piglet heating board can keep piglets away from diseases effectively.
    1. Pig Nipple DrinkerThe pig duck billed drinker is composed of the copper or stainless steel valve and valve core.
      It has stainless steel spring and filter screen.
      It also has engineering plastic corking.
      This pig duck billed drinker features anti-corrosion, reliable and durable performance ...
    1. Pig Drinking BowlThe pig drinking bowl is composed of the copper or stainless steel valve and valve core.
      It has engineering plastic corking.
      This pig drinking bowl features anti-corrosion, reliable and durable performance, and perfect seal without leakage.
    1. Pig Feeding TripletThe pig feeding triplet provides fast and continuous supply for nursery and growing pigs.
      It is composed of a metering cylinder, which can add feed to every single pig and realize separate feeding.
    1. Pig Metering CylinderThe pig metering cylinder is transparent for easy observation, and can supply each pig different quantity of feeds according to the demand.
      With a maximum capacity of 6L, it can also realize separate and accurate feeding.
      It can supply feeds according to the preset quantity, and automatically stops if the feed doser is full.
    1. Piglet FeederThe piglet feeder is made of stainless steel or plastic, which ensures strong and durable performance. It is portable and adjustable, and can also save place.
    1. Sow FeederThe sow feeder is made of stainless steel, coming with a thickness of 1.2mm.
      The capacity of this sow feeder is 8KG.
      With the user friendly design, it can meet customer's specific requirements.
      It can adjust the feeding quantity, thus saving feeds.
    1. Pig Feeding TroughThe pig feeding trough is composed of the double sided feeder.
      It is made of hot galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet.
      It allows for large feeding place.
      This pig feeding trough can adjust the feeding quantity.
    1. Dry Wet FeederWith 360º feed drip angle, the dry wet feeder features no feed blockage and wastage. It can also prevent respiratory diseases. Therefore, our dry wet feeder has found a wide range of applications.
    1. Creep FeederLow to ground, providing easy access for piglets.
      Dividers prevent piglets from contaminating feed.
      Locks into place.
      Removal is easy for cleaning.

Pig Auto Feeding System

Pig Farming Equipments includes Penning & crating system; Feeding system; Watering system; Flooring system; Climate control system; Ventilation system and Other accessories.

The pig farm can be divided into Gestation unit; farrowing unit; nursery unit; finishing unit; which equipped with feedstuff line, waste line, ventilation and cooling facilities.

As a China pig auto feeding system supplier, We offers a broad range of products that includes an auto broiler pan feeding system, disc blade, belt laying battery, straw pellet feed mill, and more.

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