A-Frame Battery Chicken Cage

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A-Frame Battery Chicken Cage

Scope: Parenting broiler, parenting stocks, commercial belt laying battery Components: Cages, front frame, end frame, auto-feeding system, nipple drinking system

Features of A-Frame Battery Chicken Cage
1. The A-frame battery chicken cage is equipped with an automated controlled system.
2. It is hot galvanized, which ensures anti-corrosion and long durability.
3. It is designed for optimum ventilation and lighting, high egg production, and low egg breakage.
4. The hopper trolley features stable movement, and can distribute feeds smoothly.
5. This A-frame battery chicken cage has small investment, and is cost efficient in feeding, drinking and saving labor.
6. It also features easy maintenance and operation.

We are a professional A-frame battery chicken cage supplier in China. We provide belt laying battery, auto broiler pan feeding system, straw pellet mill, disc blade, and others.

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