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The auto chain feeding system adopts the vertical reducer motor, which is reliable, steady and produces low noise. The maximum speed is 36m/min. This system is mainly composed of the feed trough and feed box.

Feed Trough1. Feed Trough
The feed trough is made of anti-rust material. With 44mm distance, the grill can effectively separate the male and female birds. It can also be customized according to customers' specifications.

Feed Box2. Feed Box
Each line of the auto chain feeding system is equipped with two different sizes of feed box with dust-proof cover, which is made of hot galvanized steel sheet. One extra feed box can be added according to the specific design.

Size Capacity (L / Kg)
S 160L/ 100Kg
M 400L/ 260Kg
L 920L/ 600Kg


Feed cover plate 90 degree corner 90 degree corner Height of feed though Auto Chain Feeding System Auto Chain Feeding System

1. There is a feed cover plate to avoid feed overflow between the feed box and feed trough.
2. The 90 degree corner and slideway surface are treated by special hardening process. The alloy bearing features no oiling injection.
3. The height of feed though can be adjusted according to the raising period. The support of feed though is made of high intensity nylon material, which makes it antibacterial, anticorrosive, and suitable for poultry house environment.

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