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Auto Broiler Pan Feeding SystemThe auto broiler pan feeding system is mainly composed of silo, drive motor, delivery system, feed sensor, hopper, feed pan, hanging system, feed transportation vehicle, etc.

1. Silo

1. The hot galvanized undulated sheets reduce temperature fluctuations inside the silo.
2. The standard ladder with protection barrier ensures safety and reliability.
3. The hopper has three different angles for different materials, including 45º, 60º and 67º.
4. The silo features easy operation and excellent feed flow.


Volume Fill Height
Model Hopper Ton m
Diameter: 2.10m
702 60º 8.7 5.7 4.56
703 60º 11.6 7.5 5.37
704 60º 14.5 9.4 6.18
705 60º 17.4 11.1 7.00
706 60º 20.3 13.2 7.81
Diameter: 2.75m
902 60º 15.8 10.3 5.26
903 60º 20.6 13.4 6.07
904 60º 25.0 16.5 6.88
905 60º 30.2 19.6 7.70
906 60º 35.0 22.8 8.51
907 60º 39.8 25.9 9.32
Diameter: 3.15m
1052 60º 23.4 15.2 5.79
1053 60º 30.0 19.5 6.60
1054 60º 36.6 23.8 7.42

Note: Capacity in tons is based on a specific weight of 0.65 kg/dm³.

2. Feed Transportation Vehicle

Feed Transportation VehicleFeatures
1. The feed transportation vehicle is special designed for transportation of feeds.
2. During the transportation, feeds are sealed inside the tank, thus save the cost of packing and avoiding loss and pollution.
3. It features easy operation and maintenance, and the height, distance and angle of discharge can be adjusted on request.
4. With separate containers, three types of materials can be transported each time.


Model Volume (m³) Dim of tank
(LxWxH in mm)
Overall dim
(LxWxH in mm)
No of container Power (kw) Max discharge height (m)
SSC4T 7.5 3200x2110x1810 3900x2110x2500 2 11 6
SSC6T 11 4600x2110x1810 5300x2110x2500 2 13.6 7
SSC10T 16 6600x2110x1810 7300x2110x2500 3 14.6 7
SSC15T 25 7800x2250x1900 8500x2250x2600 4 16.1 8
Feed Delivery System

3. Feed Delivery System

Content: Hopper; delivery pipe and auger, feed pan, feed sensor, drive motor, hang system, anti-roost piece.

Delivery pipe and auger Delivery pipe and auger

4. Delivery pipe and auger
With four different sizes, the delivery capacity ranges from 15Pound (app. 6.8Kgs) /min to 220Pound (99.8Kgs) /min. The pipe material is PVC or galvanized steel.

5. Feed Pan for Boiler

Feed Pan for Boiler Feed Pan for Boiler

1. V-pan plate design can reduce feed storage on bottom, so that birds can always have fresh feed. The design can also prevent birds from staying too long on the plate.
2. The edge of pan plate tilts towards the center, which can avoid waste of food.
3. The smooth edge can prevent the craw of birds from hurting and make sure safety and comfort feeding.
4. The pan plate can be disassembled on the ground, working specially as a pan for 0-7 day old chickens.
5. The typical 05 feed pan has six feed levels, and can be manually or automatically adjusted. Other types have thirteen levels to adjust.
6. The slide shutter can be completely open or completely close, and can adjust feed amount.
7. The typical 05 feed pan can be adjusted from outside, which brings more convenience and ensures fast and accurate feeding.
8. The assembled pan can be fixed or swings on the pipe.

Feed sensor Feed sensor

6. Feed sensor

1. The feed sensor is installed in the feed pan, coming with the NO (normally open contact) function.
2. When lack of feed, the motor will start and deliver feeds. In addition, when the pans are full, the motor will stop (used in the main feed line).
3. It can also be fit at the bottom of hopper, coming with the NC (normally open contact) function, which is just opposite with the NO function.

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