Auto Pan Disc Chain Feeding System for Breeder

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Auto Pan Disc Chain Feeding System for Breeder Auto Pan Disc Chain Feeding System for Breeder

1. The feed is delivered by the disc chain in the pipe, which greatly reduce feed damage. The closed feed delivery eliminates pollution and noise, and avoids abrasion of the feed pipe.
2. The drive motor is connected to the feed sensor, which gives signal to start and stop the motor automatically and can meet the feeding requirement for the breeder at every growing stage.
3. All the feed pans are filled simultaneously, and can feed the breeder the same amount at the same time, thus eliminating hungry hyperirritability, ensuring uniform growth, and enhancing egg production rate.
4. The disc soft link ensures cyclic supply of the feed, and features easy installation.
5. Once installed, this auto pan disc chain feeding system for breeder can be used for a long time because of the hanging structure. The feeding density is 30% more than that of the pure chain feeding system.

The auto pan disc chain feeding system for breeder is mainly composed of hopper, drive system, delivery system, non-feed-remaining corner and pan for female and male breeder.

Drive system

1. Drive system
It is mainly composed of safety pin, chain tightening equipment, emergency stop switch, stainless steel shell, reinforced nylon driven wheel.
Speed: 30m/min or 40m/min
Motor power: 1.1kw or 1.5kw

Feed pipe

2. Feed pipe
Material: Hot galvanized steel
Diameter: 45mm.
Capacity: 1.3T/h.
Thickness: 1.2mm.

High strengthened disc-chain

3. High strengthened disc-chain
Feature: The disc-chain is durable and can resist breakage after special processing.
Breaking force: 1.6Tons

Non-feed-remaining corner Non-feed-remaining corner

4. Non-feed-remaining corner
The material of corner and corner shell is hot galvanized sheet or stainless steel.
The material of idler is cast iron.

Female breeder pan Female breeder pan

5. Female breeder pan
Diameter: 360mm.
Material: PP
Feed capacity: 12.5 birds per pan.
Capacity: 200g-630g per pan on 7 levels.

1. There are four feed pans every three meters, that is to say, the interval between every two pans is 750mm.
2. The 16 grill has 11 levels, and the width can be adjusted from 40mm to 52mm, so it is suitable for different types of breeder and breeder at different growing stages.
3. The feed hole height has 70mm, 80mm and 90mm for option. When the grill width is 52mm and the height of feed hole is 90mm, the pullet can have free access. When the height is 70mm, the feed will not overflow.
4. The slide shut-off can shut any feed pan freely.
5. The bottom dish can be disassemble easily for washing and re-assemble.

6. Male Feed Pan

Male Feed PanFeatures
1. The separate feeding can provide female and male birds with different feeds according to their growing demand. All the male birds can get quantized feed by feeding them separately, which ensures high fertilization rate.
2. The male feed line uses high speed auger, and is lifted to certain height to avoid female birds reaching male feeds.
3. The deep pan bottom can reduce feed waste effectively. There is an indicator inside the cylinder, and the slide shut-off can adjust feed amount.
4. The reinforced hoop locks the pan on the feed pipe tightly, thus preventing damage of the pan by male birds.

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