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Poultry Slat Poultry Slat

Features of Poultry Slat
1. The poultry is made of reinforced and purified raw plastics, and has features of high intensity and durability, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, oxidation-resistance, easy cleaning and installation, long service life, etc.
2. The reasonable design of hole size can avoid injury to the feet of the poultry.
3. It has flat surface, and is beautiful and practical.

Specifications of Poultry Slat
Material: PP with UV-curing
Size: 1200×500mm
Weight: 2.4kg

Floor SupportFeatures of Floor Support
1. The beam is made of reinforced and anti-aging PVC material, which ensures sturdy and durable structure, as well as antirust and anticorrosion performance.
2. The ingenious and all-plastic structure is adjustable, which makes the beam and slat join together easily.
3. The self-regulating raising and lowering functions effectively solve the problem of installation on the uneven ground.
4. The height can be adjusted from 300 to 800mm to meet different demands.

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